Purple Stripe Bulk Seed Garlic

Purple stripes are known for their beautifully red-striped bulbs with brilliant colors which provides a gorgeous sales display.  This classic garlic has a rich, full-bodied flavor with a mellow aftertaste and turns sweeter the longer it’s baked.  In fact, it’s one of the sweetest roasting garlics out there, and has been known to be used in ice cream!


Chesnok Red - BEST SELLER!  Chesnok Red is a full-flavored garlic with a mellow aftertaste that lingers nicely and not offensively.   This is truly one of the best baking garlics and is just a great all-around garlic. Some years it can be hotter or milder than usual, but it is always a full-flavored, robust garlic.  It harvests early to mid-summer and stores through mid-winter.  Chesnok Red is a garlic that hails from the Republic of Georgia in the former USSR.  As a Purple Stripe, it has the typical heavy purple striping that gives this variety its name.  Chesnok Red can become a rather large garlic under excellent growing conditions.  The outer bulb wrappers are somewhat thin and loose, and the large bulbs will have about a dozen cloves.  You may not believe it, but Garlic ice cream can be made with roasted Chesnok Red.  It tastes like butter brickle!


Persian Star - They are so beautiful they can be used as your Thanksgiving centerpiece!  Persian Star is arguably the most beautiful of the main group of Purple Stripes with its thick white bulb wrappers that are streaked with purple as you peel away the outer layers.  This is a true medium hardneck garlic that is also sweet when roasted.  They are harvested in mid-summer and generally store for about 6 months.   They are said to have originated in Uzbekistan, one of the republics that were once part of the USSR.  They are a full-flavored garlic with only a bit of heat to them and are generally more mellow than hot as are most other standard Purple Stripes. 


Oshala Purple - This is a beautiful Purple Stripe variety selected for its reliability, large size, good looks and good flavor.  Purple Stripes do well in most locations, and this one is a top performer. Matures mid to late season and stores well.  Standard Purple Stripe garlics make some of the best baking garlics and are actually sweet when roasted!  You can add roasted Purple Stripe garlic to partially thawed vanilla ice cream and re-freeze it and it will have the taste and texture of butter brickle ice cream.  It's the boss!

Purple Stripe Bulk Seed Garlic