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Our farm is called Music Acres, and we have over 50 years of farming experience on this land in northwest Indiana nestled about 50 miles North of Lafayette just south of the region.  As a young whipper-snapper, I remember thinking that there was something really magical and special out here in the soil, the weather, and the way of life.  Farming.  It's so basic, yet so vitally important for every community.  With miles and miles of open land stretching across the northern section of the state from Morocco to Woodburn, farming is the anchor and the backbone of our communities.  Music Acres is an independently-owned, farm-to-table operation that takes a great amount of pride in producing our garlic varieties the natural way. We only sell what we grow, and we do it naturally!  We are Certified Naturally Grown, and our goal is to provide you with the best garlic whether for cooking your favorite recipes or planting your own glorious garlic garden.  Welcome to our site, and I hope you love our garlic as much as we do!

-Jeremy Vogt

Our Story


The Vogts, who embraced and built the dream of working that glorious soil, have been a part of northern Indiana's landscape for as long as cars became a popular means of traversing the country.  They are the dreamers of big dreams and keepers of a great legacy of local, self-made farming operations in northern Indiana.  We are small farmers and we aim to stay that way so that we can provide the great garlic products and exceptional service that you expect.


Enter Music Acres.  Established by Jeremy Vogt, a fourth-generation son, Music Acres was the vision to create a unique, artisanal and sustainable farming operation on a section of the original acreage.  In a time of big conglomerate farming operations, acquisitions and mergers giving way to big profits at the expense of quality, we are hopeful in more simplified approach that fosters great customer service and high-quality products.  The vision was to create something uniquely local, yet widely accessible in order to perpetuate a model of direct food sourcing of naturally grown garlic to the public.  Not only was garlic the right crop for the soil in this region, but what stood out most was the undeniable health benefits this plant has to offer far and beyond what others can provide.  We are proud producer of naturally grown garlic which is sourced into our local community and beyond.  We ship to the entire US!


Our Family

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